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5 Self-Care Ideas for July Post Lockdown

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We all need to practice self-care, especially now that we are coming out of lockdown in July (at least where I live). I haven’t had to worry about what I looked like since all of us were in the same boat. Just brush the hair and put on some make-up for a Zoom meeting. Oh, and make sure my top looked presentable.

Recently I re-read one of my blogs and I still stand by what I said about what makes me happy. It’s just that since lockdown, I need to add a few more items to the list.

The following are on my self-care list for July. They are activities that are long overdue:

Get a mani-pedi

I’ve managed to look after my fingernails. However, my feet need special attention. I can’t deal with dry heels and callouses the way my pedicurist can. Now that I’m able to go out in public, I want my feet to look presentable, especially in sandals.

Get a haircut

I haven’t been to a salon in ten months. My hair is in urgent need of a cut. I don’t care about the colour. Maybe pink this time around? It’s the hair hanging past my shoulders that needs attention.



Get moving

It’s time to take my physical activity up a notch or two. Gyms will be opening soon and I don’t want to look too out of shape when I go for a workout.

Buy new clothes

I haven’t bought an item of clothing in two years. One of the benefits of not leaving the house meant that I could wear the same T-shirt for a few days and no one would notice. So what if a T-shirt has a bit of a mark on it. Who would see it?

Make coffee dates with my friends

No more texting or meeting over Zoom. I can call up a friend or two and meet for coffee on a patio somewhere. I’ll have to make sure I have something nice to wear, so I’ll have to go shopping first.

Do you have plans for July self-care? 

Are you one of the lucky ones who has already had your hair cut? Do you have plans to catch up on things you haven’t done in quite a while? Care to share what they are? I know there are more items I could add to my list.

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