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Do You Need Junk Food When You Fly?

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What are your must-haves when travelling? Whether it’s by bus, plane, or train, what do you have to have to make the trip survivable?

Junk Food

Flying isn’t what it used to be, and freebies are mostly a thing of the past unless you like salted pretzels or a handful of salted nuts. Having a carry-on bag full of snacks is part of the flying experience.

Junk Food

My heroine, Davina Thomas, has to have junk food whenever she flies. Red licorice, chocolate, mints, chips, and bottled water. She needs something to nibble while she reads through the stack of celebrity magazines she purchased. Davina offers to share with Quinn, but only if he doesn’t tease her about her stash. She gobbles up the celebrity gossip while she chews on a stick of licorice. It’s not until she finds herself in the celebrity magazines she realizes how fabricated the stories are.

Junk Food



I confess that I am a junk food flyer, and Davina’s must-haves are the same as mine. I always bring enough to share with my hubby. Sharing snacks helps pass the time, and we take this time to discuss what each of us has been reading. Once our snack time ends, we continue reading until it’s time for another snack. A bonus to bringing snacks is that I have a supply that usually lasts us during our trip and then I can stock up before our return flight.

So, are you like me or do you pass on junk food snacks? Is there one junk food that you have to have? I’d love to know what helps you make it through a flight.

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