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Do You Have Unwritten Rules?

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Davina’s Unwritten Rule


In Love’s Promises, the opening scene with Davina and Quinn makes reference to Davina’s unwritten rule regarding lovemaking. Davi reminds Quinn that if he wants to make love, it has to be in a different place or a different position during a twenty-four-hour period. Since it’s their honeymoon, Quinn welcomes the challenge, not realizing his wife’s ulterior motive. It’s not until Chapter 28 that he learns the truth.

My Unwritten Rules


Never wear white when dining out. As I worked on the revision of their story, I thought about unwritten rules. We probably all have them whether they apply to our daily routine, socializing, or working. I chuckle as I think of unwritten rules that apply to me when going out to eat. Never wear a white shirt. If I wear white, I’ll end up with a stain on my chest where it’s embarrassingly visible. Always take advantage of using the toilet before leaving home. We all know the reason for that.

Don’t edit while writing. I use the Oxford comma (it’s a bone of contention with many). I write my first draft without spellcheck or grammar-check. I don’t want to correct myself while the story comes to life. I have to clear off my desk before I work on a novel. No distractions. I edit and re-edit several times, not including proofreading. Hire professionals when ready to publish the book.

As a reader, I have expectations of a book. I want the grammar and spelling to be as close to perfect as possible (excluding dialogue – who speaks perfectly?). I expect the storyline to be exciting and throw one or two surprises at me. I want to say, “I didn’t see that coming” when I read. Characters have to be flawed and believable. I like the book to be a story that I can’t put down until it’s finished, and when it does end, I want the stories and characters to stay with me for a long time.

For My Home

Do you have unwritten rules that others have to follow? Do they know the rules from the beginning, or do they learn them as they go along? What do you think about others having unwritten rules? I’d love to know.

Happy reading!

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