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I Have Something Beautiful to Show You!

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Grandma! I have something to show you. My grandson tells me this every time we see each other. Now it’s my turn to show him and you the beauties I witnessed this week.

See the Beauty Up High

I came across this beauty on Monty’s driveway. Starlings were dive-bombing it and making quite the fuss. The hawk seemed to be unbothered by its foes. Then it took flight and landed in a nearby tree. I moved closer to watch it as the starlings followed and continued their verbal and physical attack. As I watched the hawk, I realized that it had something black in its talons. Could it be a starling? I couldn’t tell. However, it was then that the hawk decided to continue to tear at its black morsel of food with its beak, still ignoring the rest of us. When I have a question about hawks on the farm I contact Nicole at

Beautiful hawk in tree

Take a Look at These Beautiful Blooms

I started working on my gardens in May. The month provided us with unusually warm weather and I could not resist the urge to get planting. Besides that, we had to cut down quite a few trees behind us, and now we had quite a lot of mulch. I worked on one garden per day. Digging out weeds, planting flowers and adding mulch. I have a collection of peonies. One is an early bloomer, bright red, that my mother-in-law planted when she lived here. I look forward to seeing its blooms every spring. I have a large white peony that my mother gave to me from her garden. The plant originated from my grandparents’ garden in Edmonton, Alberta. My grandfather was known for his peonies, and I have fond childhood memories of being with him and watching the ants do their magic on the peony bulbs.

Beautiful peoniesGarden beauties

They May Look Funny, But They’re Yummy!

My eldest daughter is teaching online and yesterday she baked cookies with her class. The class was invited to make cookies along with her. Last night she delivered a plate of sugar cookies. Can you tell what they are? The green cookie should give you a hint. Read on for the answer.

Something Beautiful - cookies

I May Look Funny, But I’ve Got My Shots

Last week, hubby and I received our second Covid19 vaccination. We had no reaction to either shot. We are looking forward to when our friends and family members receive their second vaccination so that we can get together. It’s not the most flattering photo. I don’t take the best selfies.

Vaccinated! Something beautiful.

Have You Seen Beauty This Week?

There’s beauty all around us. I feel fortunate that I live out in the country and that Mother Nature always has something new to show me. Whether it’s a newborn calf, flowers, or corn growing in the field, it’s beautiful. In case you couldn’t recognize the cookies, they are Star Wars cookies and the green one is Yoda. May the Force Be With You.

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