• Love’s Promises

  • Love’s Games

  • Family Pictures

  • Forever Love

Deborah Armstrong writes hot and spicy love stories with a touch of country, and sometimes a dab of suspense thrown in to add to the flavour. Deborah’s stories show her love of a great story told by strong characters who are driven by more than lust. They want a life partner who will embrace their weaknesses as well as their strengths. They give their hearts freely and are not afraid to have them bruised in the name of love.

Forever Love, Love’s Promises, Love’s Games are Quinn and Davina’s stories. In Forever Love, Quinn Thomas is a Hollywood heartthrob looking for the woman who haunts his dreams, promising him love, yet making him suffer unbearable loneliness. Davina Stuart is a widowed farmer who isn’t looking for love. A one night stand with Quinn would be her fantasy come true. Forever Love is Quinn and Davina’s romance. Love’s Promises and Love’s Games are continuations of their love story – a look into what happens after the Happily Ever After is achieved. Falling in love is easy. It’s what happens next that is the challenge. 

Family Pictures is a jump ahead to Jack’s story. He’s the son of Quinn and Davina, every bit a romantic like his father, and a storyteller like his mother. The family stories that have filled Jack’s imagination cover his body in tattoos. Family Pictures is Jack’s story as he fights for the love of the woman he scares to death.

Deborah is working on a few projects. Love’s Embrace is a collection of short stories that provide updates on the lives of the characters many of Deborah’s readers have grown to love. Game Changer is a single title romance with no connection to the other books.




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