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Terrahill Publishing is pleased to announce the release of the Davina & Quinn series, and the Game Changer series. To date, the Davina and Quinn series has four books and a short story. The Game Changer series has one book, Boss.

The publishing professionals who worked with us on both series are:

Book cover design and interior design by Rebecca Finkel  Concept Development | F P Graphic Design | Fort Collins (

Judith Briles, The Book Shepherd The Book Shepherd – The Book Shepherd

West Coast Editing West Coast Editing

Terrahill Publishing has a list of qualified professionals who can help new authors with their publishing needs. Contact us for more information:

Terrahill Proofreading

Proofreading gives your work POP! Taking your work from Poor to Okay to Print!

Proofreading rates in Canadian Funds.

$30 per hour



Deborah, Thank you so much - your fresh eyes on this piece proved invaluable. I've read it a thousand times and never saw the missing periods or those extra words. And so much for my word editor helping. LOL
Nancy Early
Working with Terrahill and Deborah Armstrong was a fantastic experience. I was updating an older book that I had “thought” was copy edited properly, but wasn’t. By the time I got the manuscript back, it was in top condition. Thanks for saving the day 😀
M.J. Moores
The Chronicles of Xannia
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