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    Will you Skype/Zoom with our book club/library group?

    Yes, I will gladly schedule up to 30 minute Q & A Skype/Zoom call with groups that have read any of my books. Please fill out the form with information about your group and available dates or times.

    Click here to schedule a Skype call

    What's coming out next?

    Love’s Embrace will be published early 2020, Bates, Book 2 in the Game Changer Series will come out later in 2020.

    How do you get your ideas for your stories?

    It’s an idea or a character that makes the first move. I play with the idea in my head for quite some time before I venture to the keyboard. Quinn was inspired by a popular celebrity I had a crush on at the time. Boss was inspired by a writing prompt challenge in my writers’ group, Writers’ Ink.