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Five Reasons We Fall in Love with Book Heroes

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I don’t know about you, but every time I read a romance I fall in love with the hero. It’s not hard to do, especially if the book is written well and the characters are believable. Here are my reasons why I fall in love with book heroes. Are yours the same?

My Book Hero Belongs to Me

From the moment the hero makes his appearance on the page he belongs to me. He’s in my head for the few hours it takes me to read his story, and if he had the effect on me that that author intended, he’s with me long after I’ve read the last page. Agreed, he’s got his love interest on paper, but he’s still mine in my mind.

Five Reasons Why

My Book Hero is Perfectly Imperfect

A book hero has to be perfectly imperfect, with an obstacle or two that he has to fix or overcome to get the girl. Whether he achieves his goal by himself or with the heroine, he gets the job done. In Forever Love, Quinn has to get over the hurdle of self-doubt, always wondering if Davina is going to realize he’s not the one for her.

In Boss, Dane deals with his physical obstacle, but also his assumption that Jules has another man in her life

My Book Hero has the Look

Let’s face it, book covers usually have a picture of a man on them to draw the readers’ attention. Like the billionaire stories? Chances are he’s wearing a suit. Go for the bikers? You’ll see a man on a motorcycle or wearing biker leather. Like the cowboy? You’ll find a man with a stetson, wearing a shirt is optional. You know what I mean. My first editions of Love’s Promises, Love’s Games and Family Pictures all have a bare torsoed man. Banners with half-naked men always attracted passersby to my author’s table at many events.

Five Reasons Why we Fall In Love

My Book Hero has the Moves

Book heroes have the moves. There is something about them that turns the heroine’s and the readers’ temperature to sizzle. Whether they are aware of their powers of seduction or not, they get our attention and keep it. The billionaires seem to know what they’re doing, otherwise, how did they become self-made billionaires? Cowboys have the southern charm or the aw-shucks ma’am persona that fascinates us. We know that the bikers’ rough exterior may be an act. However, there’s more to the man than tattoos and Harleys.

Five Reasons Why We Fall in Love With Book Heroes


My Book Hero Talks the Talk

Book heroes know how to keep us interested. They talk the talk whether it’s with words of seduction, words that demand obedience, or words that show a softer side. Whatever we want to hear from our hero he knows what and how to tell us. Whether it’s pillow talk, talk over drinks, or a strong cup of coffee, my book hero seduces me.

Five Reasons Why We Fall in Love with Book Heroes

What Does Your Book Hero Have to Have?

Is it that certain look or occupation? What do you look for in a book hero? I invite you to share your likes and dislikes with me.

Happy reading!

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