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Would You Fall for These Romantic One-Liners?

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Would you fall for romantic one-liners whether they were cheesy pick-up lines or heartfelt confessions? We’ve all heard them in real life or when watching a movie or television show. We either smile or groan, love them or hate them. Maryn Liles listed 101 pick-up lines. Would you fall for any of them?

Using Romantic One-Liners

As an author of romance, I don’t purposely try to insert romantic one-liners, but my characters always come up with one or two for me. They’re sharing an intimate moment and then one of them decides to be corny or sassy. If you’ve read my books, it’s Quinn who leans toward corny and Davina the sassy side. Their one-liners reflect their comfort level with each other, knowing that they can say whatever comes to mind no matter the situation.

Quinn’s First Words to Davina

romantic one-liners

Imagine sitting beside your celebrity crush, thinking he’s ignoring you while you’re having a quick fantasy about him. You suddenly realize that he’s watching you, and when you turn to face him he says this to you, “You caught me. I hope I didn’t disturb you, but I was enjoying watching you work. You’re very sexy when you’re reading.” Would you think he’s a creep or would you instantly fall for his romantic charm and good looks?

Davina and Quinn’s Banter

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In Love’s Promises, (no spoilers)  after an emotional evening, Quinn apologizes to Davina:

 “There is no one else on this planet for me, and there never will be.”

“You’re supposed to say in this universe.”


“Because, you’re a star, stud.”

” I’m only the star if you are my universe. I can’t exist without you.”

Readers may think this is cheesy, however, if you know Quinn, corny or romantic, his words come from a deep-seated love for Davina.

Jules First Words to Dane

romantic one-liners

In Boss, Dane is immediately attracted by Jules when she approaches hid from behind, hugs his neck and whispers in his ear, “Help a girl out. Your name’s Gary, and you’re my boyfriend.” He isn’t one to fall for women in his bar, however, there’s something about her voice, her scent, and her request that makes him jump into the romantic hero mode. His rules be damned, there’s no escaping his attraction to the redhead with the emerald eyes.

All-Time Favourites

As I write this, I think of two one-liners from movies that I love:

You complete me, Jerry Maguire

I’m also just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her, Notting Hill

What about you? Do you have any favourite one-liners? Please share them.

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