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Are Your Book Hero’s Eyes Baby Blue or Chocolate Brown?

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Book heroes are known for their eye colour. Whether they are bedroom blue (sparkling), icy blue (cold), chocolate brown (warm), or grey (mysterious), eyes are usually the first characteristic we learn about the hero.


What does Eye Colour Tell Us?

Eyes are the gateway into the soul. When the heroine gazes into the hero’s eyes, she gets a glimpse of the man inside and decides how to proceed with him. Bedroom blue eyes that sizzle are an instant turn on while icy blues warn of potential danger. Chocolate brown eyes convey independence and self-confidence. There’s a science dedicated to our attraction to eye colour.

Romantic Book Hero Eyes

My Book Heroes’ Eyes

In the Davina & Quinn series, Hollywood heartthrob Quinn Thomas is known for his sizzling baby blue bedroom eyes. When I think of him, I imagine actor Paul Newman and his piercing blue eyes. His eyes were so blue that many thought he wore contact lenses.

Romantic Book Hero Eyes

In Boss,  Book one in the Game Changer series, Dane Andrews has chocolate brown eyes. When Jules first gazes into them, she wants to get lost in them forever. She feels safe and trusts him. In Bates (coming 2022), Jon Bates has icy blue eyes so cold that Jules believes he could stare down an avalanche and have the snow crawl back up the mountain, apologizing for the intrusion.

Other Book Heroes’ Eyes

Some other romantic book heroes whose eye colour impress me are Christian Gray (Fifty Shades of Gray) with his intense bright gray eyes. Unfortunately, he only looked at Anastasia one way — intensely. Gideon Cross (Crossfire series) with his smouldering blue eyes that told a story only Eva could discover.

Who’s Your Favourite?

Do you have a favourite colour for your hero’s eyes? Is there a colour that you find incredibly sexy? I invite you to comment below.

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