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The Benefits of #stayhome by Deborah Armstrong

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I have rediscovered the benefits of #stayhome because of social-isolation or self-distancing during the COVID-19. Although they may seem trivial to you, for someone who has to leave the house on a somewhat regular basis, there are things I can enjoy now that I #stayhome. For example:

  1. My Style. I can now wear perfume to my heart’s content, no longer following the rules of being fragrance-free. Similarly, I can wear the same clothes for two days in a row without anyone noticing. I don’t have to worry if my hair isn’t co-operating and sticks out in a few odd spots. Is that a coffee stain on my shirt? No worries, I’ll cover it up with one of my baggy cardigan sweaters. Can’t find matching socks? Wear my fuzzy slippers instead. I haven’t gone down that slippery slope of staying in my pajamas. I do have some standards.
    Benefits of #stayhome
    Fuzzy Slippers


  2. No Excuses. I no longer have to give excuses as to why I can’t leave the house. I’m a writer. I like my solitude, writing, and telling the stories my imagination wants to put to paper. As much as I love my friends, sometimes my imaginary friends have more pull. What better genre to write in than Romance
    Rediscovering #stayhome
    Spending time with my imagination.


  3. Get Stuff Done. Another benefit of #stayhome is that I get my stuff done: emails answered promptly, books balanced, social media updated. Most of all, I’m making progress with my imaginary characters (see #2). I have the time to let them talk to me and pull me into their stories. If you’d like to see what I’m working on, check me out on Pinterest.



How about you? Have you rediscovered some benefits of #stayhome?

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