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Dogs that Made Me Smile this Week by Deborah Armstrong

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Dogs that Make me Smile
Dogs That Make Me Smile

This week I chose my top three dogs that made me smile. All three were chosen for different reasons. However, if you follow me, you know that I have a soft spot for service dogs, extra-large dogs, and little dogs with big hearts that pull at the heartstrings.

Service Dogs

  • Jynx the Police Dog assisted his handler, Constable Dan Berube in locating a lost 3-year-old in Musquodoboit Harbour, Nova Scotia. While children have a tendency to wander downhill, the toddler’s parents said that she liked to climb. As a result, Constable Berube and Jynx headed uphill. Surprisingly, the toddler made her way up a hill thick with trees and underbrush. Just when the constable was about to give up, thinking that no one could make it through the pine brush, Jynx caught the scent and found the little girl. One of the little girl’s first words was ‘doggy’. The little girl’s happy ending is a much-needed feel-good story during these difficult times.

Extra-Large Lovable Dogs

  • Zeus, the English Mastiff won my admiration as I watched him show his talents in an agility course. If you are familiar with agility courses, they are based on speed and how well the dog can handle jumps, tunnels, and zig-zagging around poles. Zeus took his time, plodded on without breaking into a heavy pant, and seemed unaware of the crowd cheering him on. Zeus is a wonderful example of how we should work through this time of self-isolation: plod on and stay the course. We’ll get through this.

Little Dogs with Big Hearts

  • Daschund drags cat. I’m not sure if the little guy is saving the cat from going out into the street, or if he wants the cat to keep him company. However, it is obvious that the cat is used to this dog and being dragged around by him.

Do you have pets in your life that make you laugh and smile? During this time of self-isolation, people are turning to their pets to keep them company. The posts on social media are of dogs loving having their humans at home while cats are wondering why their humans won’t leave them alone. I don’t have a cat or a dog, but I have cows that I can talk to, and that’s okay with me.


3 Top Dogs That Made Me SMile
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