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Singing While Self-Distancing

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Yankee Doodle's Hat for singing while self-distancing
Yankee Doodle’s hat for Montgomery

Singing while self-distancing. That’s what we are doing this Sunday. As a family, we’ve been fortunate. Since we work together we can still visit on a daily basis, still self-distancing. Our grandchildren drop by, and my grandson makes it clear that he’s here to stay by quickly removing his coat and shoes. He asks for his chocolate milk, a bowl of goldfish crackers, and then heads up to his playroom. We enjoy his visits. For an hour or two, we play with tractors, watch tractor videos and sing songs. His latest favourite song is Yankee Doodle Dandy.

I found one of my daughter’s hats and thought I’d make this hat for him. It’s better than the plastic container he made us wear yesterday while we sang the song.


Jigsaw Puzzle
Singing while self-distancing and doing a jigsaw puzzle

The same daughter with the red hat is working on a 5000 piece jigsaw puzzle. It was started about a month ago when the Canadian curling bonspiels were televised. Her goal is to finish it today.

While she works on it, she has music playing. When I take a break and join her, we have a sing-a-long, or at least I sing and she puts up with me. My favourite so far is Rewrite the Stars from the Greatest Showman.

Do you like to sing? Listen to music? Do you have a playlist that is helping you make it through self-distancing? Feel free to share your favourite songs in the comments section.

Stay indoors. Stay safe.

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