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The Benefits of Being an Introvert

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I’m an author who benefits from being an introvert. I can socialize when I have to. I do like my friends and their company, but I also enjoy being alone without having conversations with myself. I’m not that introverted. However, I do talk to the television when I disagree with someone’s comment on the news. These days it’s not hard to do.

Make the most of your time
Enjoy the Little Things while self-distancing during the Coronavirus.

With the Coronavirus, most of us have to stay at home and self-distance ourselves to prevent the spread of the virus. We can go out and purchase groceries, but that’s about it. Some people will find the two-week quarantine impossible, especially now that most, if not all, non-essential businesses are being closed. However, authors like me won’t notice the benefits of being an introvert much. We go out only if we have to: grocery shopping, banking, trips to the post office, and maybe a hair cut or manicure if we’re looking rough. I recently had my hair and nails done, so I should be presentable for a while.

How will I spend my time? What will be the benefits of staying at home? I’m working on Book Two in the Game Changer Series. Fans are asking about Boss’s buddy, Bates, and when they can read his story.

I’m rebranding my Davina and Quinn series. I’m looking forward to posting the new covers for you.

I also proofread fellow authors’ work through my business Terrahill Publishing.

I take time-outs to visit with my family, especially my two grandchildren, and work on a 5000 piece jigsaw puzzle with my youngest daughter. I’ll post a picture of this monstrosity once the last piece has been put into place.

Watching movies is another past time. I came across Notting Hill this week. It’s my all-time favourite romance. I watch whenever I see it’s playing.

Are you socially-distant? If so, what are your plans while staying at home?


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