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Those of us who live in Ontario have Family Day on Monday, so we are heading into a long weekend. I never think about it until someone reminds me about it. Since I work from home and I’m surrounded by family, every day is Family Day for me.

Family Feel-Good

I know I am truly fortunate to have my children live nearby. My grandkiddies live next door, and every visit to their house ends with a hug, a kiss, “I love you, Grandma,” and “You can come back and visit anytime, Grandma.” Visits to our home are always action-packed. They have a list of things they must do, including going on a mission (Paw Patrol, Octonauts, or Pokemon, a snake fight with Poppa, playing with favourite toys, and having a snack (cookie with chocolate milk).

It’s just not the grandkiddies’ visits I look forward to. I love having my adult kids drop by for coffee. We sit in the family room or at the kitchen table and discuss what’s new in our lives, what’s happening on the farm and at work, and health issues. I seem to be the only one with a health issue (touch wood). The visits aren’t long. They don’t have to be. I know they’ll be back another time soon.

Armstrong Family 2022

Have a wonderful weekend. If you’re able to spend time with your family, bonus!

Happy reading!

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