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Are Warm and Fuzzy Feelings Overrated?

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My answer in a word is no. Having warm and fuzzy feelings concerning a person or persons is essential in forming relationships. Warm and fuzzy feelings are part of the first impression we get when we meet people. We form a good first impression and let ourselves trust and feel comfortable in their company.

Warm and fuzzy feelings are important to a lot of people. The need to feel loved and accepted is a basic human need; it’s why we have friends, spouses, children and pets! We want to be liked by others and know that they like us. I believe that one can never have enough warm and fuzzy feelings.

We all have different ways of showing love for others, but the feeling is the same. It’s a good feeling when someone likes you or cares about what happens to you. When someone loves you or cares about you, it makes you feel good about yourself.

My List of Warm and Fuzzy Feel-Goods

My list of warm and fuzzy givers is too long to post here. However, if you’ve been following my blogs, you’ll know that my family, especially my grandkiddies, are my number one givers of warm and fuzzies.

I love hugs and cuddles, movies I can watch more than once, books that pull me into a new world, and coffee dates with friends. I get a warm and fuzzy feeling when readers send me an email or message me on social media.

Weekend Plans

Tonight is Trivia Night. I think it’s the final night of the competition that has been running over the past few months. Trivia is a great way of discovering how much you think you know and realizing how much you don’t. I think our team is in third place out of six teams. Not bad for the type of questions we’ve been asked.

We may make it out to the movies this weekend. Cocaine Bear releases tonight. It may not be a movie that suits your tastes. We saw the trailer for it a while ago and thought it might be entertaining. If we do see it, I’ll let you know if you should see it, too.

Have a great weekend, and I hope you have many warm and fuzzy moments.

Happy reading!

Deborah Armstrong

Deborah Armstrong is an expert in writing engaging and scintillating romance. In the Davina and Quinn Love series, Deborah Armstrong writes hot and spicy contemporary romance with a touch of country, inviting her readers to experience Hollywood, New York City, and her very own dairy farm in Canada. In the Game Changer series, Deborah uses the foothills of Alberta as her setting for her sensual romances. Deborah Armstrong’s books are for you if you love passion, drama, and suspense in your romance stories. Guaranteed to make you feel good.

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