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Friday Feel-Good and Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to those who are mothers and those who have mothers and grandmothers to celebrate. Personally, I believe we should celebrate moms and motherhood whenever we can. Words of appreciation, hugs and kisses, and acts of kindness may seem trivial, but they mean so much to us moms.

Here are 10 little things that mean the world to me that make every day Mother’s Day:

  1. Daily texts with or without pictures of the grandkids.
  2. Dropping by for a chat. Coffee is always provided.
  3. Dropping by with Timbits to share while visiting.
  4. Hugs.
  5. I love yous.
  6. Flowers – for a vase or my garden.
  7. Offering to pick up a takeout meal.
  8. Organizing a family breakfast.
  9. Having family playdays.
  10. Family walks, even when it’s to the barn and back.

What about you? Do you have a list of your favourite mom gifts, whether it’s Mother’s Day or any day? Gifts you like to give or receive? Please share if you’d like.

No matter what you do this weekend, have a great one.

Happy reading,

Deborah Armstrong

Deborah Armstrong

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