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Love Finds You When You Aren’t Looking – March 19 Newsletter


Love Finds You When You Aren’t Looking

Have you found your forever love? Often it seems that romance blooms when you aren’t looking for it, like a flower emerging in your garden that you don’t remember planting. Love has a way of finding you. In Forever Love, Luke toasts Quinn and Davina, “To love at first sight. May our eyes always be open to see it, and our hearts open to accept it.”

How did you meet your partner? I met my hubby many years ago in high school. He was the high school quarterback and tall, dark and handsome. I liked him, and he was part of the gang that I hung out with, but I had another love–horses. It wasn’t until university that we started to date. We married after graduation. This July, we will celebrate 40 years of marriage. We have three amazing adult children and two beautiful grandchildren.

Last week was National Romance Readers Week, and for the first time, my first book Forever Love became an Amazon Bestseller with over 4000 copies downloaded in just 3 days. I’m blown away with excitement that so many people wanted to read it. People are already asking for book 2 in the series. I hope you got your copy! If not, you can order it here.

Now I really need to take some time and focus on book 2, Love’s Promises. I vow to have the next chapter in the Davina & Quinn series to you by the end of this spring.

It’s National Meatball Day!

Who doesn’t love balls of meat? Every culture around the globe seems to have its own version of a recipe, the oldest recorded from ancient China.

Here is a delicious and easy meatball recipe to try at home!

Try this Classic Whiskey Sour. You’ll never buy sour mix again!

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