Shhh…Listen! Do You Hear the Sound of Seduction? March 2 Newsletter

What is something that your partner does that really preheats your oven? For me, it’s talking. I know, it sounds odd. I don’t mean talking dirty either. Sometimes I get too busy in my life, focused on my work that I don’t take the time to focus on my hubby. When we take the time to sit and talk, reconnecting and enjoying each other’s company, the seduction begins.

For us, it’s been almost a year of not going out—no dinner dates, dances, or visits with friends. If COVID has taught us anything, we have to get creative while in lockdown and social distancing. So, here’s something we’re going to try. We’ll throw a  cocktail party for the two of us. We’ll get all dolled up–me in my favourite outfit, and he can wear a suit and tie. We’ll make it the perfect night with some delicious hor d’oeuvres and fancy cocktails. I have a few in mind that you can try! Pretend you’re just meeting for the first time. Don’t forget some bubbly for the after-party.


In Forever Love, Quinn invites Davina out to dinner. She wears her LBD (Little Black Dress) and diamond stud earrings. Oh, and heels to show off her legs. She’s dressed for seduction and willing to play the game. Quinn is playing his A-game, too. He gives her a single red rose, escorts her to his suite, where he’s preparing dinner for her. The man can cook, and what he does with his hands. . .You’ll have to read the book to find out what happens next.

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Try this cocktail, made famous by James Bond.



©Deborah Armstrong, 2021

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