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I Confess. I Like to Fly Alone

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I Love to Fly with my Husband

I have something to confess –I like to fly alone. When I travel by plane, I usually have my husband as my seatmate. We chat, share snacks, or enjoy the silence as we read our books or watch an inflight movie. We’re great travelling companions. Although it’s taken us a few flights to get there.


I Love to Fly Solo

I don’t mind travelling by myself. I’ll confess that I enjoy it. It gives me that extra sense of freedom. And I don’t have to share my snacks. Of course, it’s different when I have a stranger sitting beside me. Our elbows bump and we jostle for ownership of the armrest. If it’s a short flight, I enjoy my window seat and don’t have to worry about having to let my seatmate out for a restroom visit. Another benefit is that there are no snacks to be passed back and forth and usually no conversation other than the polite exchange of hellos.

I’ve had bad experiences with strangers: bad body odour, strange sounds, and no respect for personal space. Once, my seatmate made telephone calls during most of the flight, unaware or not caring that those around him could hear the one-sided conversations. He was loud, rude, and extremely annoying. I wore my noise-cancelling headphones the entire flight, thankful that his voice became a continuous hum.




Love at First Sight or Flight

In Forever Love, Davina’s first thought about her seatmate is that he’s going to ignore her the entire flight. And so, he has to be an asshole. He may be a famous actor, gorgeous, and the man of her fantasies, but the way he first treats her makes a terrible impression. It is not until later that Davina discovers what her seatmate honestly thought of her when he first sat beside her. Quinn’s confession shows Davina that she’s not always right.

I love this scene because it is about the adventures of flying and first impressions. Anything can happen when we’re travelling by plane – I’m focusing only on the good and fun things. Let’s be positive! Regarding first impressions, sometimes they are correct, while at other times they are way off the mark. Davina thinks Quinn is rude for not speaking to her, but his presence makes her recall her fantasies of him. She cajoles herself, demanding that she talk to him, instead of sitting in sexually frustrated silence beside him. She turns to talk to him, and their Forever Love begins.




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