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Can you believe it? Christmas Eve is tomorrow! All week, I thought that Friday (today) was Christmas Eve. It was a relief to discover that I had an extra day to prepare. What about you? Are you ready for Christmas?

Christmas Blues

I don’t usually feel blue during Christmas, but I had the blues this week. I blame the Christmas music I listened to – I’ll be Home for Christmas is sad, and so is Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. Fortunately, a night out with my family chased the blues away. We went to Canada’s Wonderland for Winterfest.

The weather was perfect, although we bundled up nice and warm, and we took part in the free hot chocolate fill-ups (had to buy the travel mug first). The Christmas lights sparkled everywhere. We marvelled at the work of wrapping every tree and bush and changing the park’s theme to Christmas. There were outdoor fireplaces to gather around and get warm and hospitality rooms to take shelter if you needed to sit down and get warm. The amazing part was that some of the rides were running, mostly kids’ rides and Thunder Run, the roller coaster. Needless to say, the grandkids went on every ride they could more than once, and they had the choice of Daddy, Mommy, Grandma, Auntie or Tiegan as their companion.

Silly Grandma

I enjoyed a few rides with the grandkids, especially the old-fashioned carousel ride.  I stood beside my grandson while he rode his horse. He didn’t want me to hold him (he’s a big boy, he told me), so I held onto the saddle and the horse’s neck. Montgomery didn’t realize that I needed to hold on or else I’d fly off the ride. He protested the entire ride that I shouldn’t be holding onto his horse. I argued that if the horse were a real pony, I would walk beside him, holding onto the saddle and the horse’s head. “But, Grandma, this isn’t a real horse,” he argued back several times. There was no arguing with his logic. I wish I had pictures to show you of the rides. My phone’s battery died after two photographs.

Christmas Plans

We expect to entertain friends and family on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day. The menu is planned, the cupboards are stocked, and the presents are wrapped. However, there’s a severe snowstorm blowing through our area that is expected to last through Saturday. Travel warnings have been advised. We won’t know until later tomorrow if our plans will happen. Nevertheless, our kids live next door, so they or we can trudge through the snow or drive next door to celebrate Christmas. Our family is extremely blessed to have our family live close by.

Merry Christmas!

I wish you all a Merry Christmas! May the Christmas Season bring only happiness and joy to you and your family.

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