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Finally! My Friday Feel-Good Blog!

Happy December! Are you like me and wondering what happened to November, and why is Christmas coming so soon?

You may have noticed that I haven’t sent my Friday Feel-Good Blog in a few weeks. There’s a reason for it. I didn’t know how to write what I wanted to share with you. Today, I’m going to try to write until the end.

November News

November threw a curve ball to my feel-good feeling. I learned that I have breast cancer, detected through the Ontario Breast Screening Program My cancer is very tiny, and a mammogram and ultrasound detected it. My treatment will be day surgery, radiation, and maybe chemotherapy. I hope the surgeon can remove all of the cancer and I won’t have to undergo chemotherapy.

This news put a bit of a damper on making Christmas plans. The surgeon said the surgery would be in the first part of December. No news yet. The family has been fantastic in volunteering to look after preparing Christmas dinner. Do you think I should let them? I’m sure they can handle every last detail of organizing our family gathering.

Life Imitating Art in a Not so Feel-Good Way

If you’ve read my Davina and Quinn series, you’ll know that Davina has had dealings with cancer. Some of my readers wrote to me and asked if I was writing about my health through Davina. My answer was that I’ve had biopsies but have never been diagnosed with cancer. Until now. However, I have several friends who are breast cancer survivors and one who lost her battle. I was writing through my imagination. Now I’ll be writing from my experience.

December News – Back to Feeling Good

On December 10th, I’ll be at the Brampton Fairgrounds for the Winter Craft Show. It runs from 10 am to 4 pm. I’ll have my books with me and offer them at a Christmas discount of 25 percent off. I plan to do some extra Christmas shopping, too. I hope to see you there!

Today, I received my second Grandma scam call. Please be aware that scammers are trying to get your money through any means possible, and during Christmas they are especially busy. Don’t fall for the scam emails warning you that you’ve been charged for an iPhone on Amazon or phone calls that claim your credit card has been compromised. These scammers want you to give them your banking details. If in doubt, ask someone you trust to look at your email or hang up the phone. Remember that the government still uses the postal system to contact you, as do your banks and credit card companies.

Christmas Plans

When do you start your Christmas decorating? Do you start right after Halloween? Once Remembrance Day has passed? Right after the first snowfall? Hubby has the weekend off, so I’m going to start decorating on Saturday. I’ll work on the tree, and he can do the outside lights.

Hubby’s going to a basketball game, so it’s the perfect night to hang out with my daughters, order Chinese food, and watch a Christmas movie or two. Maybe we’ll fit in a board game! Sounds like a perfect way to start the Christmas season and getting back to feeling good.

Have a wonderful weekend, and enjoy yourself.

Happy reading!

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