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What a beautiful Spring feel-good day! It’s nice and warm, the sun is shining, and the birds are singing. The weekend forecast calls for rain and then back to cooler temperatures. My writing buddies in Colorado are expecting lots of snow. They can have it. That’s Spring.

Thank You!

Thank you to those who came out to the Spring Brampton Craft and Vendor Show. Your support means a great deal to me, especially when you told me that you’ve been reading my blogs and my books. You made me feel good. Bonus!

Spring Feel-Good


This week my feel-good was spending the day with my grandson. He played hookey from junior kindergarten so that he could ride in the tractor and help Poppa plant soybeans. The ride that we thought would last for at least an hour only lasted a few minutes before Montgomery had had enough. It was time to go back to Grandma’s house and visit. We watched videos, had snacks, enjoyed a picnic lunch with chocolate milk, did some Spring gardening, and headed inside for more snacks. I enjoyed every moment with the little guy. However, I was exhausted by the time he headed home.

Spring Feel-Good

Not-So-Good Feel-Good Moment

I had one not-so-good moment this week. I discovered that someone hit my car and drove away without leaving a note.  The damage is severe enough that the other person’s car must also be damaged. I’m still bothered about it.

Back to Work

Getting back to writing, I realize that I’ve ignored Bates for too long, and he needs to get his story told. If you’ve read Boss, and are eagerly waiting for Bates, let me know. I need prodding every once in a while. I am hopeful that the Spring rain will keep me inside this weekend so that I can give Bates the attention it needs.

Have a wonderful Spring weekend whatever you choose to do. Read, watch tv, garden…it’s all good.

Happy reading!

Deborah Armstrong

Deborah Armstrong

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