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How Do You Have a Feel-Good Day?

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How do you have a feel-good day? My title may seem odd, but Friday is my Feel-Good day. I look for feel-good things that happened throughout the week that I can share with you.

Finding Something to Smile About

I admit that the war in Ukraine affects my feel-good vibes. My heart aches for Ukraine and its people. I watch the news and listen to the stories about the survivors and those who lost their lives. These stories make me think about the 3,5 million people who have fled their country, and then I give thanks that my family is safe and far away from a war zone. I think about my grandchildren, and then my smile is full-on with feel-good thoughts. I think of the conversations we’ve had over the week.

Out of the Mouths of Babes

  1. Yellow has been cancelled. When your sister wants to have the play cupcake with the yellow top, and you want it, so you tell her that the colour yellow has been cancelled. Forever.
  2. That works for me. Your answer for when your aunt tells you that she’ll be over to play in five minutes. Priceless.
  3. Smashed it! When your granddaughter watches a virtual golf game and yells, “Smashed it,” every time the golf ball gets hit.
  4. You can make blackberry jam. When my grandson refused to eat his snack of blackberries and suggested to his mother that she could make jam with them instead.

My favourite sentence is, “Grandma, can we have a visit?” Of course, the answer is always yes. Every visit is an adventure with a re-enactment of the latest Octonauts or Paw Patrol show they watched. We have our snacks, our playtime, and our time for cuddles. Just thinking about them makes me smile, and I hope my post makes you smile.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Do something that brings a smile to your face. It’s always better when you can share that smile with someone else, too.

Happy reading!

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