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My Friday morning authors’ group had the task of using a favourite quote that would create engagement with their readers. Immediately, I went to my Pinterest Board on Favourite Quotations. I have 587 pins on quotes that range from quotes about life, love, and everything else under the sun.

I thought I’d share a few of my favourites with you:

My Favourite Quote on Criticism

Have you let someone’s words negatively affect your day and then realized that their opinion doesn’t matter? They rarely have anything nice to say about anything or anyone. Why give them that power over you? As an author of romance, I’ve lost track of how often I’ve heard people put down the romance genre because of what they imagine it to be, not what it is.

Favourite Quotation

My Favourite Quote About Bad-Mannered People

It’s hard, but sometimes we can’t take others’ actions personally. They may be having a bad day or not know how to react properly to a situation. I remind myself that good manners are learned and perfected with practice.


Favourite Quotation

My Favourite Quote for a Romance Story–Real or Imagined

When you met your forever love, did you expect to fall in love with them? Was it a surprise or did you know right away that this person was the one for you? Unexpected love makes a perfect love story – real or fictional. I never imagined falling for the quarterback of my high school football team.  Davina never imagined falling in love with her seatmate on a flight to LA.

Favourtie Quotation

My Favourite Quote to Start My Day

It’s true. I’ve learned not to stress about things over which I have no control. I can’t control my headaches, but I have learned how to work around them. My plot lines don’t always come easy to me, but my characters know how to tell their story, and they guide me along the way.

Favourite Quotation

What about you? Do you have a few quotes that help you get through your day when you need a pick-me-up or a reminder not to take things to heart? I’d love to know what words give you positivity for your day.

Happy reading!



Deborah Armstrong is an expert in writing engaging and scintillating romance.  For example, in the Davina and Quinn Love series, Deborah Armstrong writes hot and spicy contemporary romance with a touch of country, inviting her readers to experience Hollywood, New York City, and her very own dairy farm in Canada. However, in the Game Changer series, Deborah uses the foothills of Alberta as her setting for her sensual romances. Deborah Armstrong’s books are for you if you love passion, drama, and suspense in your romance stories.



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