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Today is for Celebrating Daughters Real and Fictional

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Today is National Daughters Day, and I’m celebrating my daughters, both real and fictional. I am the proud mother of two adult daughters who have brought joy to my life from the moment they took their first breath. They are my inspiration to be the best that I can be as a parent. I consider myself blessed in that they drop by whenever time allows and that they still enjoy my company. They like my books, too! I am also blessed with a fabulous daughter-in-law. She is a true partner in life for my son. She is loving, talented, and an amazing mother to two busy toddlers. I am in awe of her and all that she does.

In my Davina and Quinn series, I introduce you to Davina’s two daughters, Cat and Tigger. I admit that they are modelled in some ways after my daughters. If you know my daughters, you will recognize them in my writing.

In Love’s Games, it’s Cat’s time to stand out. She’s fierce when it comes to protecting her mother. Cat’s fiance, Chas Elliot, says to her, “I hope you’re that protective over me.” To which Cat replies, “Don’t ever test me to find out, cowboy.” Chas knows that Cat will stand by her words, and he doesn’t plan on ever experiencing her wrath. Later, when Cat comes face to face with Quinn, she has no trouble voicing her opinion, “You really are an arrogant asshole. You know that, Hollywood?” I don’t want to spoil the story, but Cat is a woman who doesn’t hold back with her temper, especially when the men around her need a strip torn off them. I love Cat’s character, and I’m sure that she’ll have a story of her own to tell. If you are on Pinterest, you can check out the storyboard.

My Daughters

I try my best not to post pictures of my family on social media. I respect their privacy. Here’s a photograph of Cat’s back, taken on an Alaskan cruise. She asked to have a Great Dane in her story.

Cat's tale

Tigger and I were fooling around with my cellphone. She asked me to write her a story, and I wrote Family Pictures, now Love’s Challenges.

Tiegan and Me

Don’t forget to celebrate

If you have a daughter or daughter-in-law who you love with all of your heart, hug her today. If you can’t be with her in person, give her a call or text. My daughters are into texting. They’d also appreciate a treat from Tim Horton’s.

Happy reading!


Deborah Armstrong is an expert in writing engaging and scintillating romance.  For example, in the Davina and Quinn Love series, Deborah Armstrong writes hot and spicy contemporary romance with a touch of country, inviting her readers to experience Hollywood, New York City, and her very own dairy farm in Canada. However, in the Game Changer series, Deborah uses the foothills of Alberta as her setting for her sensual romances. Deborah Armstrong’s books are for you if you love passion, drama, and suspense in your romance stories.

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