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Hello November, It’s Me Again


It’s time again for my weekly newsletter. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy out there. I had a lovely Halloween with my grandchildren. As for the grandchildren, we had a few photo-shoots at the farm with various characters: Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, Darth Vader and Yoda, Birdwatcher and Ace, the mascot of the Toronto Blue Jays. I’d love to show you their pictures. However, I respect their privacy, so you’ll have to take my word for it that Montgomery and Gwendolyn rated five stars from their grandma.

Weekly newsletter
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On the farm, we’re getting into winter mode. We still have corn to combine. The cows continue to get milked, and we have a full maternity barn. The calendar is full of expected due dates.

Weekly Newsletter
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As we enter November and near the end of yet another year, I’m reminded how much has changed. As time moves we meet new experiences that enable us to continue to grow and change, and that goes for writers, too. I’m pleased to announce that the relaunch of the new and updated Forever Love will happen at the end of this month.

Here’s an excerpt from Forever Love – An Awkward Moment

Quinn’s voice was instantly low and lusty, “I want to tell you about a fantasy I’d love to try out with you, woman.”

“Are we in Aruba?” Davi asked, intrigued.

“No, we’re in the backseat of my limo.”

“Is Jake driving?”

“I don’t know. Does it matter?”

“I’m not having sex with you if Jake is in the front seat. That’s just wrong.”

“Trust me. Jake wouldn’t care.” The low and lusty voice was fading.

“You’ve done it when he’s been driving?” she asked, shocked.

“That’s not the point. We’re talking about you and me.” Quinn knew immediately he’d lost control of his fantasy.

“You’ve had sex in your limo with other women, and now you want to add me to the list? I don’t think so, stud.” Her tone was sud­denly cold.

“You’ve got this all wrong, Davi,” he sputtered.

“How many women have you had in your limo?”

“I’ve given lots of women a ride in my limo.” He cringed as he realized how that sounded. “No. That’s not what I meant.”

November Newsletter
New book cover of Forever Love.
November Newsletter
The back cover of Forever Love.

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Enjoy These Slow Cooker Short Ribs

November Newsletter
Recipe for Braised Short Ribs.


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