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Are You a Fan of Breakfast in Bed?

Breakfast in bed. Does anyone have it anymore? Is it a romantic fantasy that we vaguely remember having once or twice many years ago? Is it something we enjoyed when our children thought it would be fun to bring mommy burnt toast and cold coffee and a flower they picked from the garden? I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed breakfast in bed which means that it has been too long for me.

Breakfast in Bed


What’s Cooking?

If you had your choice what would you have for your breakfast in bed? Eggs, toast, pancakes, coffee? Would you like something fancy like an omelette, Eggs Benedict, a fruit tray with assorted cheeses? The more I think of the possibilities the more I would like to have breakfast in bed. My latest newsletter offers a yummy Veggie Omelet recipe. Have a Toe Curling Breakfast in Bed

Who Would Bring You Your Breakfast in Bed?

Here’s the problem. Is there a special someone who would bring you breakfast or are you the one who would have to do the cooking? I could ask my husband if he would treat me to breakfast in bed, but then that takes the romance out of it. However, he does make a delicious cup of strong coffee. Does breakfast in bed need to be romantic? If the answer is yes, I would have to be the one to make breakfast. Change of plans. I’ll make breakfast for myself.

Breakfast in Bed

How to Have Breakfast in Bed

Here’s the plan that runs through my head: I’ll make a full-on English breakfast with eggs, toast, bacon, and coffee. I’ve made up the tray with a single flower in a vase, a petite jar of homemade jam, and a linen napkin. Now it’s time to return upstairs with the tray, careful not to trip over two cats. I climb into bed to enjoy the meal by myself. I plump up my pillows, tidy the bedding and make myself comfortable, and then I start to assess my situation. Will there be crumbs? What happens if I spill my coffee? Oh, and should I have worn my best PJs instead of the old T-shirt and boy shorts I’m wearing? What’s most appropriate for the occasion? Should I have brushed my hair, made myself look presentable? The cats will want my breakfast. How do I keep them away from my tray? I’m getting stressed thinking about this.

Breakfast In Bed

On Second Thought

I’ve changed my mind. I can hear hubby in the kitchen. He’s finished his morning chores. I can smell freshly brewed coffee; he adds an extra scoop to make it strong. I know that he’s brought the morning paper in and there’s a crossword and a couple of Sudoku puzzles waiting for me. My hardest decision will be what to eat for breakfast. Will it be eggs, porridge or toast? Let’s throw caution to the wind and have eggs and toast. But first, I’ll pull the covers up to my chin and have another 30 minutes of sleep.

Deborah Armstrong writes spicy contemporary romance with a touch of country. She also enjoys helping fellow authors with their stories by offering proofreading services.

Deborah loves living on the family dairy farm, and she looks forward to her daily visits with her grandchildren when she accompanies them on their walks to visit with the cows and to make sure Poppa and Daddy are farming the right way.

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