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I’m Making My Christmas List for Santa

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I’m making my Christmas list for Santa before I have breakfast with him this morning, It won’t be a long list. There won’t be outrageous or expensive items on it. Santa will read it and say, “Yes, that’s her.” No surprises.

Something Warm & Fuzzy

To begin with, it’s not Christmas without a new set of flannel pyjamas to wear Christmas morning and all day until it’s time to get ready for company. By the way, I don’t wear socks unless I have to, so fuzzy slippers to keep my feet warm would be appreciated. Scarves in various designs and colours to wear with my black driving coat – the perfect accessory.

Christmas Sweets

Although I have to be careful with sugar, a taste every once in a while is okay. Macarons of almost any flavour –coffee, vanilla, praline are some of my favourites. They bring back wonderful memories of my trip to France where I first tasted them.


Above all beverages, coffee is my favourite. Give me coffee, mugs, or flavours to add to my coffee. Besides, my favourite pastimes go great with coffee: reading, writing, visits with friends and family, solitude.


Lastly, I can never have enough journals to write in and books to read. Additions to my collections are always welcome. Likewise, give me a gift card for a bookstore or Amazon. I’ll happily make use of it. Give me a copy of your favourite book? I’ll make it mine.

Christmas Wish List
I don’t need much from Santa to make me happy.
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