10 Tips for Succeeding with Pinterest

It’s hard to make a list of ten tips for succeeding with Pinterest. I have found many helpful tips over the past few months that brought me success with this social media platform. Since September 2018, my monthly unique viewers have increased from 104.8k to 649.2. Monthly engagement has increased from 4.1k to 38.2k. Do the numbers mean anything? They do if they bring visitors to my website. Consequently, they mean more if the visitors buy my books.

Use the Pinterest Business Account

The Pinterest Business account provides you with the analytics to show you what pins are working: engagement, clicks, who you reach. It’s a must-have for your business.

Make use of Your Pinterest Profile

Use your profile name to boost your business. Mine is Deborah Armstrong|Author. My profile tells the reader who I am, what I pin, and where to find out more about me –my website. Make use of this space for promoting your business. Use keywords.

Pin for your Audience

You can pin anything you want to Pinterest and have hundreds of boards. This isn’t pinning for business, this is known as hoarding. Do you know who your audience is? Find what pins they follow and incorporate those pins into your boards.

Pin What is Trending

Pin what is trending if it relates to your business. Use keywords, hashtags and Pinterest search to find the pins for the day. You can Google Pinterest pins for the month and find what is relevant to your business.

Pin From your Blog or Website

It’s easy to do and it will bring traffic from Pinterest to your website or blog. Be sure to link your pins to your site. Do you have a Business Instagram account? Link it to Pinterest.

Apply for Rich Pins for your Website or Blog

Once approved, Rich Pins will work wonders for your business. Create infographics or tipographics (like this) that can easily be pinned. Remember to use keywords.

Use Keywords in Your Boards and Descriptions

Make use of keywords in both your board titles and descriptions. Remember that pinners are looking for pins. They can’t find you if you don’t use keywords. Make use of Pinterest search. Find the keywords that work for you and use them.

Use Hashtags

For some, hashtags work. For others, they don’t. I am using them, only 3 hashtags per pin.

Update your Boards

Change the main pin on your boards. Keep them fresh. Choose how you want your boards to display: by recently pinned, oldest pins, alphabetical order. Pinterest provides a lot of aids for pinning. Make use of them.

Pin Regularly

Pin at least 5 pins per day. I pin between 5 and 20 pins per day. I use the Tailwind app. It helps me find the pins I want and it schedules my pins for me. I also pin when I come across something of interest. At the time of my writing this blog, I have pins scheduled into February 2019. I go through the schedule weekly to make sure I don’t have pins that are out of season. For example, if I have any autumn or Halloween pins scheduled after October 31, I move them to my drafts and will post when appropriate.

Bonus Tip

Pinterest likes boards with lots of pins. Your boards should have a minimum of 50 pins. Some of mine don’t have that number, they are a work in progress. Which reminds me – I’m off to do some pinning.

Must Know Tips for Pinterest

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