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On Saturday, I voluntold (how I love that new word) my family that we would be attending a seniors’ Christmas Cabaret in Guelph. As we sat down at our table and saw the bowls of snacks and the two bottles of wine, we realized that we could be in for a long night. Then we glanced at the program. The list of skits hinted at a two hour program. It ended up being three and one half hours including the fifteen minute intermission.

My mother sat with us at our table. Her hearing wasn’t the best that night. One ear is totally deaf and the other ear needs a hearing aid. Mom didn’t hear most of the jokes and looked a bit puzzled at some of the skits. No wonder – if you didn’t hear the dialogue, you’d have no idea what was going on. Mom knew the actors though, and would tell my sister the age of the various participants. One singer was well into her nineties and most of the men were in their eighties.

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