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Happy Birthday, Sarah

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Today is the nineteenth birthday of my BFF, Sarah. I have known Sarah since the day she was born. She is an amazing young lady. She is smart, thoughtful,  has a wicked sense of humor and she speaks her mind instantly. I get Sarah and she gets me despite our age difference. I like that.

I dye my hair to cover the grey. Sarah dyes her hair for a new look. I never know when she’ll be a blond, a brunette or a red head. Today she was a brunette. She had the wet look as though she were just out of the shower. I thought she looked great and said so. I was quickly corrected – Hello! I didn’t have time to wash my hair. This is just the way it looks with yesterday’s hair product! If my mother had woken me up earlier it wouldn’t look like this! Her mother and I looked at each other knowingly. It’s always mom’s fault no matter what.

When the girls (mine and the Ingledales) were in public school we’d have lunch at McD’s to celebrate birthdays. Now that everyone has busy schedules we meet for breakfast at the local diner.  I know the day will come when we may not have the chance to get together on birthdays. There’s always Facebook, email or the text message that can be sent. Who actually talks to anyone on the phone anymore? But I will truly miss our breakfast chats, the many cups of coffee, and the lively conversation from such an amazing group of young women, especially Sarah.

Have an amazing year at school, Sarah, and an even more amazing one as a nineteen year old.

Best Friends Forever

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