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Second Annual Flip Cup Tournament

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This holiday weekend, my son, with the help of family and friends, hosted a Flip Cup Tournament (beer drinking party). Now, my husband and I are not heavy drinkers and we don’t believe that you should have to drink to have fun. In fact, if you have to drink to have fun then maybe you’re not really having fun. But this past Saturday, I witnessed young adults drinking, having fun, and behaving remarkably well  for the purpose of raising money for a scholarship fund in memory of a young man who died tragically in a house fire last year. Bryan was a brother, cousin, close friend, teammate, or classmate to most of those who gathered. Some people didn’t know him, but they were supportive of the fund raising event.

We did not take this event lightly. Attendees had to sign in and indicate their after drinking plans – camp out in our yard, sleep in their cars, walk home (safely), have a designated driver, or have someone pick them up (parent or taxi). Car keys were handed in and were given back in the morning. Food and water were always available. Nontransferable wristbands were issued to everyone to indicate that they were supposed to be there. There was no crashing of the party, no fighting, and no inappropriate behavior.

My husband and I were pleasantly surprised by the politeness of the guests. Many introduced themselves to us and shook our hands. They thanked us for hosting the party and were amazed that we let so many people take over our back yard (125 partyers). Many offered to help with the clean up. By nine o’clock in the morning most of the tents had disappeared. By ten o’clock most of the yard had been cleaned up. By eleven thirty the yard and house were back to normal.

We spent the rest of Sunday feeling exhausted but happy in knowing that the Second Annual Flip Cup Tournament was a success. Roughly $2,100 was raised, there was no property damage and everyone arrived home alive – perhaps sleep deprived and hungover, but alive and that is most important of all.

Will we host this event next year? Most definitely. Will we make any changes? Definitely. One more porta-potty and half the number of hot dogs. Will we still feel the pain of losing Bryan? Yes, but having this gathering in memory of him and talking about him keeps him close to us, forever in our hearts.

Thinking of you Bryan – captain of the winning team First Annual Flip Cup Tournament 2010.

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