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Happy Friday!

Deborah's Diary

I’m not happy to say goodbye to September. September is a busy month for us. We have corn silage to harvest. There’s the local fall fair. And a birthday or two to celebrate. Oh, and there’s back to school, too. Then, before we know it, we’re at the end of September, and I’m not ready to say goodbye. Here’s a video taken during harvest.

Happy Anniversary to Me!

Today, I’m celebrating a very special anniversary. It’s the 6th anniversary of our becoming grandparents. Our adorable and smart grandson turns 6, and we are very happy for him. He’s been counting the number of sleeps until his birthday party, and today will be the last sleep. He’s having a party with his school friends, which is a first for him.

Happy Birthday!

Although I love to tell you about my grandkids, I don’t post photographs of them. I have to keep them safe, and the internet is unsafe. So, instead, I created an AI picture of us. Monty is full of mischief. He’s smart, happy, and has a vivid imagination. He gives the best hugs.

Goodbye September!

Didn’t September arrive a few days ago? Now there are two days left. Time flies by faster than I’d like it to. Do you feel the same? I’m happy to host Thanksgiving this year, thinking I had plenty of time to organize. Our Thanksgiving weekend starts October 7th. It’s nine days away! It’s a good thing that the menu is easy; the family expects their favourites. There’s the turkey and stuffing, of course, as well as the veggie casserole and lots of pies. Then, the traditional family visit to the barns to check on the cows. The non-walkers stay behind to do the dishes. Everyone is happy.

October Plans

This October, I’m happy to run a book giveaway. Those who enter can win the entire Davina and Quinn series set every week. It’s my way of reintroducing the series, and I want to thank those who have supported my writing. You’ll see the posts starting next week if you follow me on social media. The winner will be announced every Friday. If you already have my books, you will make me happy by sharing the contest with your friends who may not know about my books.

Have a Happy Weekend!

It’s supposed to be a great weekend, weather-wise. Do you have any outdoor plans? We have some clean-up jobs to do outside. I’ve got a book or two I’d like to read. Of course, there is always work regarding my writing and proofreading business. It’s not work when I am happy doing it.

No matter what you choose to do, enjoy yourself.

Happy reading!

Deborah Armstrong

Deborah Armstrong is an expert in writing engaging and scintillating romance. In the Davina and Quinn Love series, Deborah Armstrong writes hot and spicy contemporary romance with a touch of country, inviting her readers to experience Hollywood, New York City, and her very own dairy farm in Canada. In the Game Changer series, Deborah uses the foothills of Alberta as her setting for her sensual romances. Deborah Armstrong’s books are for you if you love passion, drama, and suspense in your romance stories. She is guaranteed to make you feel good.

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