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Are You in Need of Me Time?

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Desperately Seeking Me Time

Me Time – the time you take to look after yourself, whether it’s a mental time out, a physical workout, or some pampering (shopping or spa day).


In Forever Love, Davina asks for some Me Time the day before her wedding. She looks forward to a day of pampering – a massage, a mani-pedi, and time to relax. For instance, since meeting Quinn, Davina’s life has been moving at hyper speed. She needs it to stop, if only for one day.


Sending Virtual Hugs

Where I live, we’ve been in some form of lockdown for a year. As a result, I haven’t socialized with friends except for telephone calls and Zoom calls. Sending virtual hugs and air kisses is the norm. We all look forward to having physical contact.

The Good Old Days

I came across a blog I wrote in March 2020. In it I write about the advantages of being an introvert during StayAtHome. Little did I know a year would pass and nothing changed. I’m still writing, reading and watching tv.  However, my last haircut was in September 2020. I can’t remember when I last treated myself to a mani-pedi or visited the gym. Special time is a distant memory.

I’ve read blogs on Me Time. Most of them refer to a time without lockdowns and StayAtHome. They talk about going to the movies, hiring a babysitter, meeting with friends. Some offer at-home solutions: read a book (great idea), take a bath (I need a Jacuzzi for that), meditate (it stresses me), or learn a new skill (I’m learning how to fix my website via YouTube), or turn off your technology and tune out (I can’t. I’m fixing my website via YouTube).


I look forward to the day we are all vaccinated and can resume rewarding ourselves with Me Time. I dream of celebrating finishing writing a book by treating myself to a day at the spa, and I yearn for meeting with friends and family for coffee, lunch or dinner.

What about you? What is your special gift to yourself, and when was the last time you were able to give yourself that special time?



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