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Christmas Dog Treats for Charity

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A Different Type of Christmas Treat

I love Christmas treats. I’m not a baker. I buy cookies and various treats. I never thought about Christmas cookies for dogs until now. This Christmas, I’m helping a local girl by the name of Hailey fundraise to buy herself a service dog. Service dogs aren’t cheap. They cost $25,000 when fully trained.  Hailey is fundraising by making dog treats and cat treats and selling them for $5 a bag. That’s a lot of treats to make and sell! This isn’t Hailey’s first fundraiser. At the age of twelve, she helped fundraise for a service dog for her dad.

Buy a Book, Get Some Treats

I came across Hailey’s fundraiser on a friend’s Facebook post and knew right away that I wanted to help her. My Christmas romance, Boss, has a four-legged hero by the name of Lucky. Lucky is a service dog to his master, Boss, and is a scene-stealer throughout the story. Lucky likes his dog treats, too. I’m sure Lucky would like to have a book of his own. He deserves it. You can read about Lucky in Boss

What am I doing to help? I am selling a personalized copy of Boss for $25, and with each book comes a bag of Hailey’s dog treats or cat treats. I have pumpkin biscuits, chicken flavoured biscuits, and catnip treats. Here’s a chart listing the ingredients:













How You Can Help

If you’d like to purchase a personalized copy of Boss, email me at, or order from this website

You can also direct message me on any of my social media platforms. My Facebook Author’s page is You can read more posts about my books and my fundraising for Hailey. If you live locally, we can arrange porch pick up or drop-off. I can also send your book and treats by Canada Post although shipping costs are not included.

This Christmas season will be different for all of us. Not all of us will get to spend Christmas Day with family. My Christmas family dinner will have six people at the table instead of the usual twenty plus. Already, we’re making plans so that we can keep ourselves busy without a house full of people. Christmas movies, games and other activities are added to the list of possibilities. We’re also supporting local charities, especially food banks and Santa funds for children.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.






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