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My Resolutions: Caretaking

Deborah's Diary

I made a list of my resolutions. It is quite short and in no particular order. It has to do with caretaking of my books and myself:

  1. Finish my fifth book.
  2. Start my own publishing company.
  3. Reclaim my previously published books.
  4. Look after myself.
Making resolutions

Resolution 1. My fifth book needs fluffing. In other words, it needs to be worked on until it is suitable to go to print.

Resolution 2. When I accomplish this, I can finally use my logo for my book. I have chosen Terrahill Publishing as my company name. 

My Company

Resolution 3. I am in the process of looking into republishing my first four books. I want to take control of how they are marketed and sold. When I first started to write novels, I thought I knew what I was doing. I didn’t, although I have done well at vendors’ markets and fairs where I sell my books to the public.

Resolution 4. Looking after myself is a work in process. I have returned to the gym and my trainer. Three times a week we work as a team working on my strength and stamina. I know my muscles are waiting to show themselves. We’ll get there. I know we will. However, it’s more than going to the gym. I’m working on keeping my social life healthy. It’s easy and comfortable to stay at home with my books and my writing. Although reading is an exercise for the brain, I also crave the stimulation of conversation with my friends and family. I’m scheduling visits and coffee dates.

If you are in my area and you’d like to get together for coffee, let me know. I rarely turn down the chance to enjoy a cup of coffee or two.

Coffee Meet-Up
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