Our Adventures with the Ingledales

Once again we have decided to holiday with the Ingledale family, but this time without kids in tow and once again we started off laughing and haven’t stopped.

Mrs. Ingledale and I have both been caught wearing our clothing inside out. She wore her swimsuit cover up inside out (only noticeable by the black tag) and I had my swimsuit on inside out (only noticeable by the white tag). Mr. Ingledale sustained a minor sunburn – using spray sun block on a windy beach is not a good idea. I needed  my hubby’s assistance to get out of the water (visions of the commercial – help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up flashed through my mind).

Both hubbys decided to try their skills at water sports. Mr. Ingledale went wind surfing and Mr, Armstrong went kayaking. They went without telling us – guess they didn’t want an audience. Anyway, Mr. Ingledale needed to be towed back to shore – first by Mr. Armstrong then by the water patrol boat. We weren’t given the complete story until a few hours later and a couple of glasses of good chianti.

We are also working on our Spanish – please, thank you and for four. Mr. Ingledale is really into using the language, although we wonder how he manages to speak Spanish with an Italian accent.

Mrs. Ingledale and I have renamed ourselves. She is Thelma and I am Louise. Our husbands are now Indiana Jones and Dean Martin. We are the embodiment of cool, adventurous, fun loving and too old to care what anyone else thinks.

Right now it is pouring with liquid sunshine. Dean Martin is out on the patio reading his book, Indiana Jones is probably checking last night’s sports scores, Thelma is reapplying sunscreen and I am posting this. It’s all good. Can’t wait for the next adventure…

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