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I don’t kiss and tell, but…

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I don’t kiss and tell, but last night I had a wonderful time out with friends and family. It was at the annual SHARE dinner and dance, a fund raiser for a charity that was started by my father-in-law and other local farmers in the area to give a helping hand up instead of a hand out to people in other countries, particularly South and Central America.

My father-in-law, David, passed away on September 13th. He was a faithful attendee of this SHARE fund raiser, and its other fund raising venues.  He encouraged his grandchildren to support charities, especially Mayfield United Church, and he encouraged them to become involved with SHARE.

Last night I think David would have been proud of his grandchildren. They managed to put together two tables of ten, comprised of cousins and friends. The kids (although they are all in their twenties) were dressed up to the nines (is that phrase still in use?) and they partied. They kept the dj busy with their song requests and they kept the dance floor hopping. Usually this event ends around eleven p.m. when most of us are danced out and talked out. Not last night. The kids kept the dance floor busy until way past midnight. We could tell that the dj wanted to leave, but he kept playing the tunes for the kids. Hire this fellow for next year, Joe!

David was with us last night. I’m sure he was shaking his head in mild embarrassment or perhaps amazement when his two grandsons took the stage and danced to a disco song. When the dance floor formed into a circle to watch three young men dance with each other David was there laughing along with everyone else. Not one for compliments, I think David would have remarked to one of us as to how beautiful all of the young women looked that evening. Perhaps he wouldn’t have said anything about the five inch heels or the short  dresses, but he would have said something about all of the single women on the dance floor, such as, “What? They don’t have boyfriends?”

What about the adults? We had a blast as we watched our kids on the dance floor or danced along with them. We enjoyed ourselves as we had great conversations with friends we hadn’t seen in a while. We enjoyed ourselves as we did shots with our kids or enjoyed a neat scotch with a friend. We truly had fun.

Thank you to everyone who supported David’s charity. Thank you to everyone who made this evening a very memorable one for me. I think I’ll be talking about it for quite some time.

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