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Today is the first day of the NaNoWriMo – National November Writing Month Challenge. All of us who signed on have pledged to write something, no matter the topic or the medium – blog, manuscript, letter to the editor or a letter to a friend. Every day we have to state what our goal is for the day and at the end of our writing day we have to report on our success.
Today, my goal is to finish the seventh rewrite of Forever Love. I think I can do it. That is, if  I stop reading other members’ blogs and emails that are forwarded to me. That is, if I don’t stop to read FB posts and stop to talk to family members on Skype. That is, if I close my door, turn up my iTunes and tell the world to go away.
But right now, Coronation Street is on and the plot is getting really good. So I have to postpone my writing for the next hour. Unless something else happens.
Wish me luck.

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