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Five Facts About Family Pictures

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Family Pictures is published! Family Pictures is Jack’s story. It’s a contemporary romance, funny and steamy. To celebrate, I thought I would share five facts about Family Pictures.

  1. I started to write Family Pictures in 2011 when my daughter, Tiegan, asked me to write her a story. We were chatting on Facebook and Tiegan wanted to know when I would write something for her. I wrote about five chapters and sent them to her. I made it to sixteen chapters before I turned my attention to Love’s Promises and Love’s Games. Tiegan waited five years for her story to come, always asking me, “Is it done yet?”IMG_20140416_185244
  2. Adam Levine of Maroon 5 inspired me to write Jack’s story. I imagine Jack Thomas to sound like Adam Levine when he sings. I imagine Jack to be bigger than Adam, more muscular and taller. Jack is a younger version of his dad, Quinn Thomas.adam levine
  3. I don’t have a tattoo. Tattoos fascinate me and I collect pictures of them on Pinterest. However, I haven’t been interested in having one until lately. Tiegan surprised me with a fake tattoo one Christmas. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the shock of seeing it.IMG_20131225_102702
  4. I name my characters after people I know. Cat, Tigger and Rich are my children. I first used their names in Forever Love (with their permission) and have continued to add other friends and family members to my list of characters. There are four names in Family Pictures that are real names of people in my life.weddingparty
  5. I usually write to a playlist to help with setting the mood for various scenes. When writing Family Pictures, I didn’t listen to music. I suffered from migraines for over a year. Certain sounds, not volume, were quite painful to listen to. However, I found 2Cellos and instantly thought of Stevie. I will start listening to them soon when Stevie demands that her story gets told, which may be sooner than later.
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