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There’s a Dragon in My Family Pictures

Deborah's Diary


While researching dragons, I came across various pictures, tattoos, and toys of the fearsome beasts. If you follow me on Pinterest, Instagram, or Facebook, you will find the occasional picture or reference to the fantastic creature.

One Saturday afternoon, after running a few errands, I returned home with four cuties in my shopping bag. My original plan was to give them away when I started to promote Family Pictures’ release. However, I have become quite accustomed to the little fellows keeping watch in my office.

Family Pictures is a contemporary romance. It’s Jack’s story twenty-five years after he made his debut in Forever Love (2012). Jack grew up in a world full of fantasy and romance. Who could blame him for being a hopeless romantic with a father who is a Hollywood heart throb and a mother who writes best-selling romance novels? Jack’s the lead singer of the band Dragon Slayers. He’s a romantic who believes in love at first sight, dragons, knights and rescuing damsels in distress.

 Family Pictures will be available summer 2016.

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