Deborah Armstrong

Love’s Challenges

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Can Molly love a man who scares her to death?

Jack Thomas is a rock star and the lead singer of Dragon Slayers. He has everything his heart desires except the woman who haunts his dreams. A chance encounter in a cafe and Jack knows he’s found her. Molly.

Inviting her to his concert, he woos her with his songs, singing directly to her from center stage. Pulled in, Molly knows it’s the beginning of a perfect date. Suddenly, she flees. Terrified, Molly desperately tries to escape the monsters Jack has set free when he takes off his shirt.

  • Will Jack’s steely determination and patience be enough to win Molly’s heart?
  • Will Molly find the hero she needs to save her from the ghosts that haunt her from a family tragedy?
  • Will Molly accept that the man of dreams could be the man of her nightmares?

She could see the fear on his face and hear the love in his voice. She smiled weakly at him; it was the best she could do. She hadn’t run. For the first time, Molly hadn’t run.

Love’s Challenges is the fourth book in the Davina and Quinn Love series, joining Forever Love, Love’s Promises, and Loves Games.







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