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    Love’s Games – Chapter 1

                   They gazed into each other’s eyes as passers-by made their way around them on the crowded sidewalk. Her heart called out to him. Kiss me. He stepped toward her. He was so close to her that she felt the sweet warmth of his breath caress her face. Her bottom lip quivered in anticipation. After all these years of longing and regret, he was finally going to kiss her. She raised her chin toward him as he lowered his face to hers. She closed her eyes and held her breath. His lips pressed against hers with a soft kiss. It was sweet and innocent. She liked this kiss. He’d never kissed her like this before.


                   His arms wrapped around her waist and pulled her against his hard body. His sculpted chest pressed against her breasts. Her hands gripped his shoulders, letting him know she wanted to be held tighter as she rubbed her aching breasts against him. The dampness between her legs reminded her of how much she had missed him. She didn’t need to be reminded. She thought of him every day and every lonely night.


                   Kiss me harder. Her mouth pressed against his as her tongue pushed its way past his teeth and played with his tongue. He allowed the invasion and continued to kiss her. Her hands left his shoulders and ran through his thick hair, pulling on the long dark strands that framed his chiselled face. His soft moan vibrated through her mouth in response. Feeling emboldened, her fingers found his ear lobes and caressed them.


                   He groaned as he broke their connection. “Come on, Rene, we discussed this. No playing with my ears. French kiss me if you want, but leave my damned ear lobes alone.”


                   “Cut,” the director barked. “Rene, what the hell are you doing? That kiss was perfect until you screwed it up.”


                   Rene Adams looked at the famous director, giving him her best sex kitten eyes. “Clint, I couldn’t help it. It seemed like the right thing to do.” Then she batted her eyelashes at Quinn. “Sorry, honey, there’s something about your ears that I just can’t resist.”


                   Quinn Thomas stepped back from Rene as he shoved his hand through his perfect mess of shaggy brown hair and swore. Nine takes for a damned kiss. Everyone knew what she was doing.


                   “Okay, let’s try this again,” Clint called out. “Rene, keep your hands off his ears.”


                   Quinn leaned toward Rene and spoke in a low and threatening tone, “Fuck this up one more time and you’ll get my stand-in.”


                   “You wouldn’t!” Rene hissed. “He doesn’t look anything like you and his breath stinks.”


                   “I don’t give a damn. Keep this up, Rene, and I’ll leak it to the press that I refused to kiss you in front of the cameras because you have halitosis.”


                   “Two can play this game, Quinn.”


                   “Try me, Rene, and I guarantee you’ll lose.”