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    Family Pictures

    Jack Thomas, the lead singer of Dragon Slayers, has everything his heart desires except the love of the woman he scares to death.


    He’s a hopeless romantic who wears more than his heart on his sleeve. It’s not surprising since his father is Hollywood heartthrob Quinn Thomas, and his mother is Davina Stuart Thomas, author of best-selling romance novels.


    Molly Maguire witnessed the murder of her father by a tattooed monster when she was a young girl. The horror of that tragedy still haunts her. Molly runs the local bar, Maguire’s, where she surrounds herself with family pictures of a happier time.



A chance encounter in a café and Jack knows he’s found his ladylove. He’s seen her in his dreams. Jack invites Molly to his concert. He sings to her, wooing her with his songs. It’s a perfect date until Jack takes off his shirt to show off his tattoos, what he calls his family pictures and what Molly sees as the monsters that destroyed her family. Terrified, Molly flees, desperate to escape the ghosts Jack has set free.


    Follow Jack on his quest to rescue Molly from the nightmares that plague her so that she can love all of him, including his monsters. It will take patience, understanding and steely determination for Jack to convince Molly that they were meant to share their Family Pictures.