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    Dr. Jules Montgomery needed a hero for just one night. Dane Andrews, Boss to the men who know him, had only one rule–never mess with any woman in his home town.

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    Does love at first sight really happen? Is there a difference between love at first sight and obsession?

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    Forever Love


    Have You Ever Broken a Promise?

    It’s easy to make promises in the name of love. Yet, when life happens and it happens to be in Hollywood, sometimes promises can be difficult to keep. Sometimes, impossible.

    Love’s Promises is the sequel to Deborah Armstrong’s debut novel, Forever Love. Davina promised Quinn her heart and Quinn promised to keep Hollywood out of their bedroom.

    It’s the premiere of Lovestruck, Quinn’s new romantic comedy. The lights dim and the movie starts and then Davina’s world comes crashing down. She watches Quinn break his promise to her on the silver screen. With his body … with his eyes … with his kiss. How could he?

    Will Quinn’s actions turn Davina’s love against him?

    Will Davina give Quinn up and head back to the farm?

    Will the plotting and conniving Guy win Davina’s love?

    “I was just fine before I met you. I’ve been such a fool–you made me feel like I was the only one. Liar! I can see it in your eyes. . .let me out of this limo.”

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    Quinn Thomas, Hollywood heartthrob and devoted family man has it all – two Oscars, a beautiful wife and a loving family, and still he wants more.

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    Jack Thomas, the lead singer of Dragon Slayers, has everything his heart desires except the love of the woman he scares to death.

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