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This heat wave is perfect weather for the wheat harvest. As much as I look forward to this time of year, I often take refuge in the coolness of my basement office. I have a fan plugged into a USB port to cool me down when the writing gets intense. However, I still take my coffee hot and brave the heat in the kitchen to get a caffeinated refill.

It’s Wheat Harvest Time!

wheat harvest

On the farm, it’s time for the wheat harvest. The grandkiddies love this time because it offers them many opportunities to be farmers. First of all, they both rode in the combine with Uncle Peter. I don’t know how long they lasted, although Peter told me they did talk a lot. He may not have understood most of what they said, but I’m sure it was on farming and the wheat harvest.

wheat harvestwheat harvest

While the combine harvests the wheat, Poppa follows behind with the square baler for the wheat straw. Following a tradition their dad and aunts started as children, the grandkids watched the unloading of the bales onto the bale elevator that takes them to the hayloft. Yesterday, they were allowed to climb the ladder to the loft and see what was up there. A new adventure!

Today, we watched the last of the wagons get unloaded. Now we’re onto baling round bales. We’ve promised the grandkids they can ride with Daddy while he bales.

We all marvel at the wonder the children have for the farm activities. They want to be a part of everything and know the how and why behind what we do. After the wheat harvest comes corn silage in September. They are counting the days for that event to happen.

I came across this blog in 2014. My family is in the promotional video for Pioneer.. You might enjoy watching it.

While walking with the grandkids to the maternity barn, my grandson told me he wanted to be a farmer just like Daddy. His following choices were astronaut and policeman. Of course, his sister agreed and said they were her choices, too. Oh, the possibilities. I wonder what their future holds for them.

I’m off to my local writing group, Writers’ Ink. We haven’t met in a few months. I look forward to reading what my fellow writers have for us to read.

Have a wonderful weekend. Keep cool.

Happy reading!

Deborah Armstrong

Deborah Armstrong

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