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Do your dreams make you feel good or feel exhausted afterwards? I’m assuming that you dream. We’re all supposed to dream, needing REM sleep to keep our brains healthy. If you remember your dreams, are they wild and crazy, or do they feel normal – nothing scary or unsettling? This week, I had one dream that was crazy. It involved a gigantic green and white cow running around the farm.

I try my best to remember my dreams and tell my husband about them. I find that talking about them also helps me remember them better. When I talk about my dreams with friends or family, sometimes I get the reaction, “I’ve had that dream, too.”

My Top 5 Dreams

This week’s dream made me think of other dreams I’ve had. Here are five that come to mind that maybe you have had, too:

  1. Dinosaurs invade my family home. It’s always the house where I grew up, and it’s always the same scenario. Dinosaurs are outside, and there is a T. rex trying to get into my bedroom. I shut the door, and that miraculously keeps it out and me alive.
  2. I’m riding my bicycle (a ten-speed) to university to get to class. Then I realize that I don’t remember my schedule. I spend the dream trying to figure out what class I’m heading to.
  3. I’m riding my bicycle to university, and I’ve forgotten to attend one course all year.
  4. Someone is standing in my bedroom doorway, and I can’t scream.
  5. My mouth is full of crumbling teeth.

The Meaning of Dreams

I looked up the meaning behind these dreams, and the interpretations are all bad. All of them relate to stress. It’s interesting that even though I don’t feel stressed, my brain tells me that I am. So, what’s the best cure for relieving stress? Laugh, meditate, get more active, get more sleep, listen to music, or read. My top go-to’s for stress relief are:

  1. Listen to music
  2. Watch an old movie
  3. Play with my grandchildren
  4. Read
  5. Putter in the garden

We all experience stress at some time. The trick is to know how to relieve it. I don’t mind having strange dreams. I think they help my imagination when writing stories. If you come across a white and green cow in one of my books, you’ll know it came to me in my sleep.

Happy reading, and have a great weekend.

Deborah Armstrong

Deborah Armstrong

Deborah Armstrong is an expert in writing engaging and scintillating romance. In the Davina and Quinn Love series, Deborah Armstrong writes hot and spicy contemporary romance with a touch of country, inviting her readers to experience Hollywood, New York City, and her very own dairy farm in Canada. In the Game Changer series, Deborah uses the foothills of Alberta as her setting for her sensual romances. Deborah Armstrong’s books are for you if you love passion, drama, and suspense in your romance stories.

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