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What Do You Say to Strangers You’re Meeting Online?

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Online conversations. What do you say to strangers you’re meeting online? You probably don’t think much about it if you’re an extrovert. After saying hello and introducing yourself, you’re in your comfort zone and enjoying your conversation with the other person while drinking coffee or tea.

Meeting Online

Five Conversation Tips for Meeting Online

If you’re an introvert like me, it takes a few minutes to find your comfort zone. It’s always nice when the other person starts the conversation. Usually, there’s an opening to add your opinions or offer a tidbit of trivia. It should be easy to talk about yourself. There’s so much that you can share with others. Here are a few things that I’m sure everyone can add to the conversation:

  1. The latest book you’re reading or your favourite genres, authors;
  2. The latest show you are binge-watching. Even if you can’t get the title right, the other person will figure it out, and that adds to the conversation;
  3. The weather;
  4. Holiday plans;
  5. Survival techniques for staying at home.

Meeting Online

My Goals for Meeting Online

This year, I’ve made it my goal to meet with a stranger online through one of my networking groups. MAWB (Mississauga and Area Women in Business) to match members for a coffee chat. Once we’re done, we decide on a time and then meet over Zoom. Our conversation includes talking about our businesses, shared interests, and whatever else comes to mind.

Today’s Online Meeting

Today, I met a woman who works from home for a supply company and runs her own home-based company. She is an avid reader. We talked about writing and various authors. We also talked about farm life and urban sprawl. We’ve witnessed farmland in our respective disappear to make way for housing or industrial use. We talked about family experiences linked to our family vans. My van is long gone, but we shared the memories of driving kids to various sports activities and family holidays. 

We ended our one-hour coffee chat by knowing something about each other and becoming friends on social media. We don’t know when we’ll get the chance to meet in person, so for now, we’ll have to make do with visiting online.

Share Your Thoughts

Do you take part in online meetings or coffee chats? Is there a favourite ice-breaker you use to get the conversation flowing or do you let the other person (people) determine the direction of the conversation? Are online meetings difficult or are you a pro at navigating your way through the digital format? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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Deborah Armstrong

Deborah Armstrong

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