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Are You a Fan of Breakfast in Bed?

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Are you a fan of breakfast in bed? Do you love to have someone bring you breakfast while you remain warm and toasty under the covers? Or do you make breakfast and then take it back to bed with you? Is breakfast in bed a weekend activity or can one enjoy it any day of the week?

breakfast in bed

Breakfast in Bed and TLC

Usually, if I have breakfast in bed it means that I am quite sick and that my wonderful hubby has taken pity on me and brought me tea and toast. I can remember the kids making breakfast for us when they were quite young. I think they only did it once, and once was enough. I’m a get out of bed and get cracking kind of gal. I have things to do, including cats to feed.

breakfast in bed

What’s your definition of breakfast in bed?

In my Davina and Quinn series, the lovers have a special take on breakfast in bed. For them, it means morning nookie. There’s no better way for them to start their day. In Love’s Games, Quinn and the twins make breakfast for Davina. I enjoyed writing this scene. The logistics of making breakfast with two little ones and then delivering it without an accident is a heroic feat for Quinn. Davina plays her part, too, acting surprised and appreciative of her toast with child-sized bites already in it. It’s the thought that counts, right?

breakfast in bed

This weekend, we set our clocks back an hour, getting an extra hour of staying in bed. This would be the perfect time to make yourself and your partner breakfast in bed. Keep it simple. Toast with jam and your favourite hot beverage. Add some sliced fruit and you’ve got the perfect breakfast. To top it off, bring a book you’ve been meaning to start or finish. Make use of this time to pamper yourselves. Let me know if you had a breakfast in bed weekend.

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